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Healthy Start Network

Related Specialty: Paediatrics

Early-life is an important window of opportunity to improve health across the full life course. Extensive evidence from animal and population studies suggests that environmental influences during early development lead to developmental adaptations with persistent consequences, which increase the susceptibility to risks of non-communicable diseases. 


The GAME Healthy Start Network brings together research programs, initiatives and researchers from GAME partners focused on early life biology, development and clinical care. Studies use both observational and intervention approaches in basic, clinical and population designs. Environmental exposures of interest include the living environment, socio-demographic characteristics, life style and nutrition related factors. Mechanistic studies include state of the art genetic, epigenetic and microbiome analyses in different study designs. Outcomes include clinical outcomes in pregnant women and their offspring, and developmental trajectories to non-communicable diseases 


The GAME Healthy Start Network is a collaboration between the GAME partners. Partners have strong links to existing international networks and research collaborations focused on research on early life. 


The GAME Healthy Start Network will contribute to development of recommendations for future prevention strategies focused on the earliest phase of life in order to improve health trajectories throughout the life course.

Project Leader

Participating Investigators

  • Bologna (Unibo):      

  • CUHK:       

  • Korea (KUCM):

  • LMU Munich:

  • Monash:


  • Nagoya: 

  • Nottingham:

Marcello Lanari 

Ting Fan Leung

Jung Hye Byeon

Berthold Koletzko

Euan Wallace
Ryan Hodges

Kate Denton

Masahiro Hayakawa

Michael Symonds



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