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International Microbiota

Research Network :

Gut Microbiota Across

Ethnicities  and   Populations

Related Specialty: Gastroenterology

The human intestinal tract harbors a diverse and complex microbial community, known as gut microbiota, which is critical in sustaining physiology, metabolism, nutrition and immune functions. Dysbiosis of gut microbiota is linked with obesity, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, inflammatory bowel diseases and many other chronic diseases. Gut microbiota may be affected by host genetic markup, life style, diet, physical and mental health conditions; and therefore varied by human races and geographical locations. This study aims to understand characteristics of gut microbiota and their epidemiological and health correlations in general population across different geography. This information is fundamental to future developments in using gut microbiota modulation as means to improve human health and to manage diseases.  This is a large scale  transethnic ,transcultural and multi-population microbiome study across 8 countries.

Project Leaders


Participating Investigators

  • Bologna (Unibo):

  • CUHK:      

  • Erasmus MC:  

  • Korea (KUCM):

  • LMU Munich:


  • Monash: 

  • Nagoya: 

  • Nottingham:

Franco Bazzoli 

Luigi Ricciardiello

Patrizia Brigidi


Paul Chan

Gwenny Fuhler

Maikel Peppelenbosch

Heenam Stanley Kim 


Erika von Mutius

Sebastien Suerbaum


Anton Peleg

Yoshiki Hirooka

Tanya Monaghan
Jane Grove



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