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Related Speciality: Neurodegenerative Diseases 


Neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis are typically age-related disorders. These diseases affect >60 million people worldwide, costing upwards of $1trillion/year to global healthcare (WHO, 2023). However, there are little to no effective treatments available across this variety of diseases. There continues to be an urgent need to understand the mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative diseases, and to identify new therapeutic approaches and diagnostic/prognostic tools to progress closer effective disease treatment and prevention. International collaborative research is necessary to address these pressing health challenges.  


The International Network of Neurodegenerative Disease Research (INNDR), set up in 2022 and led by the University of Nottingham, aims to build upon the existing GAME Alliance to create an informal network of researchers with expertise or interest in neurodegenerative diseases. 


The main goals of the INNDR are to: 

·         Develop a network where members can share findings and tools to tackle the challenges faced within the neurodegenerative disease research field. 

·         Provide a space to stimulate the ongoing exchange of knowledge, technical ‘know-how’ and expertise.  

·         Promote synergistic collaborations and high-quality research to generate impactful outcomes within neurodegenerative disease research.  


We will host regular seminars and workshops to promote the discussion of current challenges in the field, explore complementary research interests/expertise and share opportunities. Additionally, we will aim to facilitate shared PhD studentships and staff visits between University partners of GAME, and instigate new collaborative grant applications and projects. 


Our forthcoming workshop is planned for 22nd November 2023, held at the University of Bologna.  


We welcome anyone, at any career stage, who is part of one of the University partners of GAME with an interest and/or expertise in neurodegenerative disease research.  


If would like to join this growing Network or need more information, please contact:  

Dr. Mattéa Finelli (  

Dr. Melissa Trotman-Lucas (


Project Leader

 International Network
Neurodegenerative Disease Research

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