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4th TEI: Inter-Professional Education and Simulation in Medicine

Wencke Vonderhagen, 26 September 2022 - This year, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU) Faculty of Medicine hosted the fourth GAME Transnational Educational Initiative (TEI) Summer School from July 25 – 29. Topic of the one-week face-to-face event was Interprofessional Education (IPE) and Simulation in Medicine. A total of 23 students from the fields of medicine, pharmacy and nursing as well as TEI stakeholders from the GAME partner universities Monash, Nagoya, Korea, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Bologna (UNIBO) and LMU took part.

The focus was on the joint determination of needs for international interprofessional training in the healthcare sector. As interprofessional interactions involve coping with possible misunderstandings and conflicts, UNIBO and LMU jointly organised an online pre-workshop about “The affective dimension of interprofessional interactions” on June 27, which served as a preparational “ice-breaking” session for the main programme end of July.

In Munich, the programme started with lectures and practical examples of existing IPE formats at LMU including a visit at the palliative care ward at the LMU Klinikum, which is a striking example of intensive interprofessional health care. The participating partner universities also presented their respective medical curricula and existing IPE formats during a poster walk on the second day. Based on this, the need for further IPE content in the respective partner countries as well as initial ideas for a joint international IPE module have been developed within the framework of a two-day workshop outside of Munich on the third and fourth day of the week. A final visit to the interdisciplinary environmental research station "Schneeferner Haus" on mount Zugspitze rounded off the one-week program not only with a trip to the Alps, but also with a successful practical example of interdisciplinary (research) cooperation.

The results of the summer school will be presented at the next GAME annual conference in Nagoya at the beginning of November and will be further discussed and implemented as part of the TEI project. A first publication of the results obtained is working in progress.



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