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5th TEI: Inter-professional Education for Planetary Health

14 July 2023 - Hosted by Korea University College of Medicine, the 5th Transnational Educational Initiative was successfully held between 10 and 14 Jul 2023 with the participation of 27 interprofessional healthcare students from seven institutions of GAME.

This year, the theme of the conference programme was “Inter-professional Education for Planetary Health”. The programme commenced with an online pre-conference meeting for an “ice-breaking” session, along with the introduction of an international group task to ensure students can have thorough preparation prior to the onsite meeting.

During the programme in Korea, experts from different parts of the world shared insights on achieving sustainable healthcare. The programme focused on eco-health literacy, explaining the interaction of the environment and human health at various level. It aimed to propose and assess the feasibility of simple local solutions to improve sustainability in healthcare system. Lectures were delivered on protecting and promoting health by understanding the interdependence of health and ecosystems. Meanwhile, students were actively engaged in intensive group work and presentations.



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