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CUHK delegates at the University of Bologna

7-9 May 2018 - The CUHK delegates, led by Dean Prof Francis Chan, visited the University of Bologna, Italy to strengthen the collaboration within the GAME network. The delegation also included Prof Henry Chan (Director, Office of Global Engagement), Prof Paul Chan (Chairman, Department of Microbiology), Prof Vivian Lee (School of Pharmacy), Prof Siew Ng (Department of Medicine and Therapeutics), Prof Simon Ng (Assistant Dean, Learning Experience), Ms Margaret Cheung (Faculty Secretary) and Ms Monique Wong (Executive Officer, Office of Global Engagement).

Representatives from both sides gave presentations on common projects and research topics of mutual interest. The delegation met with local medical students from the English-taught programme, and a meeting with the international officers was also arranged to discuss the possibility of future exchange programmes.

(First published in GAME SPOTLIGHT : Issue 2018.08)



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