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FIRST GAME-CIBoG joint workshop

7 March 2022 - Nagoya University, together with 5 other GAME affiliated universities, hosted a hands-on workshop on RNA-seq data analysis. The workshop completed as a collaboration between GAME and Nagoya University's Convolution of Informatics and Biomedical Sciences on Global Alliances (CIBoG), which was funded for a doctoral program of World-leading Innovative & Smart Education (WISE). In this GAME-CIBoG joint workshop, a total of 25 students from 6 GAME universities participated. They were allocated to 6 groups with a mixture of universities and scientific backgrounds, and they discussed how to analyse RNA-seq data of chemotherapy-resistant mammalian cancer cells. Faculties from Nagoya University and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich gave lectures and facilitated the students' discussions. Core members of the GAME universities were invited to evaluate the presentation from 6 groups. This workshop achieved an international interaction of students as well as a web-based hands-on learning of data science.



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