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Healthy Start Network project

20-21 Feb 2018 - The CUHK team of the project, led by Prof Ting-fan Leung (paediatrics), visited Sophia Children’s Hospital and Erasmus Medical Center (EMC) in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Team members include Prof Wing-hung Tam (obstetrics), Prof Ronald Ma (endocrinology and genomics), Prof Kelvin Tsoi (epidemiology), Prof Arthur Mak (child psychiatry) and Prof Kate Chan (paediatrics).

Prof Vincent Jaddoe, principal investigator of the successful Generation R cohort and project leader of Healthy Start Network under GAME, hosted a fruitful interactive meeting to discuss areas of possible collaboration between the two teams. CUHK members also visited the clinic suite of the Generation R cohort.

(First published in GAME SPOTLIGHT : Issue 2018.03)



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