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Nottingham delegates at the Faculty of Medicine of Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich

29 July 2019 - The Nottingham delegates, led by Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Jessica Dame Corner, visited the LMU Faculty of Medicine to promote collaboration within the GAME network, in particular within the MRI project whose PI, Professor Dorothee Auer, Head of the Division of Radiological & Imaging Sciences at Nottingham University Biomedical Research Center (BRC), joined the delegation to Munich. Other delegates included Professor Richard Masterman (Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Research and Knowledge Exchange), Professor Richard Bowtell (Head of Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre and Professor of Physics), Professor Tony Pridmore (Head of Computer Vision Laboratory and Professor of Computer Sciences) and Mr Joshua Hawkins (Global Engagement Manager).

The meeting started at LMU’s Center for Stroke and Dementia Research where the Nottingham delegates met with the Dean of Research, Professor Stefan Endres and representatives of the Munich Cluster of Systems Neurology in order to explore the possibilities of common research topics and projects of mutual interest. In the afternoon Dean, Professor Reinhard Hickel and Professor Alexander Gerbes, Head of LMU Liver Centre and Faculty Representative of GAME, welcomed the delegation for a concluding discussion. The outcome of this prospective meeting was to define a joint road map for putting up a concrete project within Nottingham’s imaging beacon and LMU’s Brain and Mental Health nucleus which could start at small scale with the help of existing PhD and Post Doc funding schemes and become transferable to other programs in a multilateral and cross-disciplinary approach. The upcoming GAME annual meeting in Seoul end of September will serve as an ideal platform to further exchange and promote this proposal among the GAME members.



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