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Inter-professional education for planetary health

The fifth Transnational Educational Initiative (TEI) will be organized by Korea University in July 2023. Students from member universities of the Global Alliance of Medical Excellence (GAME) were invited to join the programme to learn the knowledge, values, principles, and skills for planetary health through:

  • Lectures delivered by experts in the topic.

  • Interprofessional education for sustainable healthcare.

  • Active participation, group presentations in the format of poster and onsite oral presentations, students from medical, nursing and pharmacy schools from different parts of the world can exchange ideas and highlight cultural differences in strategies in achieving sustainable healthcare.

THEME: Inter-professional education for planetary health

DATE: 10th July 2023 (Monday) to 14th July 2023(Friday)

LOCATION: Korea University College of Medicine, Seoul Korea


DIGITAL PRE-MEETING : 19th June,2023 at 5pm KST (Zoom)



Upon completing the course, participants should be able to

  • Explain how the environment and human health interact at different levels.

  • Propose and assess feasibility of simple local solutions to improving sustainability in their own health care settings, using systems thinking.

  • Introduce the role of health professionals as advocates to protect and promote health impacted by the interdependence of health and ecosystems.


Learning Outcomes

Eco-health literacy

  • Outline the reliance of human health on local and global ecosystems.

  • Identify populations where social and environmental determinants of health may interact to amplify risk.


Climate change and health impacts

  • Describe the mechanisms of direct, indirect, deferred, and diffuse climate health risks.

  • Identify climate-sensitive and climate-induced illness.

  • Describe inter-sectoral collaboration to promote climate-change preparedness.

  • Apply systems thinking and multidisciplinenary perspectives to develop strategies to promote health service sustainability.

  • Propose and assess feasibility of simple local solutions to improving sustainability in your own health care settings. 

Further objectives in professionalism

  • Discuss the health professional’s responsibility to engage in advocacy and policy by applying principles of active citizenship, environmental stewardship, and professionalism.

  • Articulate a commitment to resolving local and global health inequities.

  • Communicate clearly and respectfully with health professional colleagues across professions and cultures when responding to an ecological challenge or opportunity in healthcare.


Programme Format

  • Special lectures and sharing by faculty members.

  • Intensive group work and presentation.

  • Hospital & university tours, cultural excursions.


4 students from each GAME member university in medical, nursing and pharmacy schools.


Application fees

USD 500 (include accommodation only)

Program Syllabus (Subject to change)

**ONLINE PRE-CONFERENCE MEETING : 19th June 2023 at 5pm KST (Zoom)

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Korea University College of Medicine

has walked along the path of true medical education based on respect for life and love for humanity. KU College of Medicine was first established to relieve the pain of people. As a cradle of raising true doctors, and as Korea's best medical education institute that produce medical leaders, they are walking toward the growth of the nation's medical care.


The Objectives of Korea University's College of Medicine

are primarily to foster students into becoming 'doctors for community' through medical education for the whole person based on freedom, justice and truth who practices necessary medicine and health measures serving the society and the nation and secondly to let students learn basic theories and practical methods that are needed to receive professional education to become medical educators and researchers so that they can develop their problem-solving ability.


Official Website

Final Certificate

A certificate of completion will be provided by Korea University College of Medicine and given to participating students

Contact Person
Contact person
Stan Ko
Itzel Bustos Villalobos
Michelle Leech
LMU Munich
Wencke Vonderhagen
Korea (KUCM)
Hyunmi Park
Erasmus MC
Maarten Frens
Kathy Chan
Bologna (Unibo)
Fabrizio De Ponti
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