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Transnational Educational Initiative (TEI)

At the 2nd GAME meeting in Munich (2018), Nagoya University announced that they would host the first camp in July, 2019.Nagoya University, Korea University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong collaborated to the initiative and the first GAME-TEI Student Summer Camp was successfully held in Nagoya University campus from 29th July to 2nd August, 2019.The title of the camp was “Medical Professionalism in a Disaster Condition.”


The goals of camp were to:


(1) explain the concept/ framework of medical professionalism;


(2) identify critical issues in medical professionalism under disaster conditions.

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TEI 2019

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At the 3rd GAME meeting in Seoul (2019), the University of Bologna announced that they would host the second summer school in July 2020 on the topic “Artificial intelligence in Medicine and Medical Education: Hype or Hope?” 

The long-term goal of this summer school is to create a network of motivated medical students and teachers within the GAME alliance to promote
ethnical thinking and application of AI in everyday medical practice and 
medical learning. 

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TEI 2020

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At the end of 2ND TEI, Monash University announced that

they would host the third TEI in 2021. Due to the pandemic

situation, the program will be held virtually on the topic

“Do you have what it takes to save humanity?”


The learning objective this year is to identify the factors contributing to a successful pandemic response and discuss aspects of health, economic,
social and cultural inequity that impact on pandemic response and
outcomes globally.

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TEI 2021

The online clinical case discussion was a part of the TEI project and this program was initiated by Nagoya University in 2020.


The purpose of this program is to give medical students from GAME partner universities the opportunities to meet and exchange experiences through virtual platform.


During the discussion, students shared the management protocols in their own countries or cities in dealing with different clinical cases. 

Information about Online Clinical Case Discussion 2021 (PDF file)

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Clinical Case



At the end of 5TH GAME meeting, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München announced that they would host the fourth TEI in July 2022 on the topic “Inter-Professional Education and Simulation in Medicine”


The learning objective of this summer school is to learn from existing Inter-Professional Education (IPE) formats during inter-professional and

international group work, also getting acquainted with the crew resource management tools.

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TEI 2022