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Related Specialty: Medical Education

Transnational Educational Initiatives (TEI) aims at educational exchanges and medical education research including undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. Every year, the TEI group conducts a GAME–TEI Student Summer Camp as a student educational exchange program. The first meeting for planning TEI Student Camp was held in CUHK in March, 2018 and the TEI project team developed the overall goals and format of the program after iterative meetings

The overall goals of the GAME–TEI Student Summer Camp are to help students 

(1) broaden their perspectives and increase understanding of different cultures; 

(2) gain valuable experience for future roles in patient care and research; 

(3) create a network of motivated medical students and teachers within the GAME Alliance.

At the 2nd GAME meeting in Munich (2018), Nagoya University announced that they would host the first camp in July, 2019. Nagoya University, KU and CUHK collaborated to the initiative and the first GAME–TEI Student Summer Camp was successfully held in Nagoya University campus from July 29th to August 2nd, 2019. The title of camp was “Medical Professionalism in a Disaster Condition”. The goals of camp were to: 

(1) explain the concept/framework of medical professionalism; 

(2) identify critical issues in medical professionalism under disaster conditions.

Altogether 18 students from 7 member universities actively engaged the camp and made invaluable experience and memories. Several faculty members from four member institutions also participated. The program consisted of lectures, student presentations, group discussions, and field trips to Fukusima and the Disaster prevention center in Nagoya University. While visiting Fukusima, students had a really unique experience and met some doctors who worked for patients during the Fukusima Tsunami disaster. The most fun part was making friends and better knowing other cultures among participating students.


At the 3nd GAME meeting in Seoul (2019), the University of Bologna announced that they would host the second camp in July, 2020 on the topic: “Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Medical Education: Hype or Hope?” 

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