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Inter-Professional Education and Simulation in Medicine 



The fourth Transnational Educational Initiative (TEI) will be organised by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München in July 2022. Students from member universities of the Global Alliance of Medical Excellence (GAME) were invited to join the programme to:


  • Learn how to discuss with peers in other professions

  • Get acquainted with Crew Resource Management Tools

  • Assess existing Inter-Professional Education (IPE) formats & develop new ones during inter-professional and international group work

  • Actively contribute to making ends meet in inter-professional international medical education

  • THEME: Inter-Professional Education and Simulation in Medicine

  • DATE: 25 July 2022 (Monday) to 29 July 2022 (Friday) 

  • LOCATION: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany

  • LANGUAGE: English 

  • DIGITAL PRE-MEETING: 27 June 2022 10:00am CEST (Zoom)

Upon completing the programme, students will be able to:

  • Use a common understanding about Inter-Professional education (IPE)

  • Be aware of supportive structures/methods for developing inter-professional learning activities

  • Identify and prioritise needed inter-professional learning activities in the context of their universities, as well as in collaboration with other participating members

  • Develop inter-professional learning activities

  • Implement and maintain the developed inter-professional learning activities

  • Identify needs to promote an IPE-curriculum development

  • Develop a draft of an IPE-curriculum in the context of their universities/countries

  • Develop a draft of an international IPE-curriculum in collaboration of participating members

  • Initiate a sustainable implementation of an IPE-curriculum


Transnational Educational Initiatives (TEI) aims at educational exchanges and medical education research including undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. Every year, the TEI group conducts a GAME-TEI Student Summer Camp as a student educational exchange program. The first meeting for planning TEI Student Camp was held in CUHK in March, 2018 and the TEI project ram developed the overall goals and format of the program after iterative meetings. The overall goals of the GAME-TEI Student Summer Camp are to help students


(1) broaden their perspectives and increase understanding of different cultures;


(2) gain valuable experience for future goals in patient care and research;


(3) create a network of motivated medical students and teachers within the GAME Alliance.

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